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This is the thread that started it all. Born out of the need for a place, to keep from offending Talkbass with outrageous comments, antics, and shenanigans, we started the SCTMMC in Talkbasses “Off Topic” section…

The thread grew rapidly, and due to it’s “anything goes” nature, it attracted even more nuts to our insane bunch. It may have seemed lawless, but it was our strict policy that no one ever break site rules, and through self policing, we maintained that policy for 35k replies, 1,782 pages, and 350k views… in just over 3 months.

This served proof that; despite appearances, when good people unite with a common goal, anything is possible. Nevertheless, Talkbass reported that the SCTMMC thread was an administrative burden to them, so they asked us to continue it someplace else.
This is that place.

We live for and thrive on the fast paced, sharp witted, hilarity of this thread. And if you find it as addictive as we do, then you’re among friends.

Celebrating our 3rd Independence Anniversary, welcome version 3.0!

Brought to you by the SCTMMC. A meeting place for brilliant minds, soldiers, explorers, and creators… Nothing alike but acting as one. United by the belief that fact and opinion are not the same, determined at all costs to not tip-toe through the tulips.