The Hippie Sammich Coffee Table Bass Thread


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Sweet basses, killer woods , do you make them yourself ? Don’t ever back over them with your truck like I did 😬 but it gives you a excuse to buy a new one 😎

Most of the ones I posted are from Marco Bass Guitars in Dallas Oregon, who I design and build onboard electronics for. It's a small Mom and Pop operation, which suits me perfectly given my semi-retired situation. Their shop is a couple of hours away from me, close enough to allow in person listening tests and a great hang at least every couple of months or so. I've worked three recent NAMM shows in the Marco booth too, with a different DIY amp of mine on display each year. Good times.

A friend of mine backed over a brand new Martin guitar he has just picked up on a payment plan, at the very first gig he took it to. Ouch!
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