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How To Make Your Own Pickguard

Okay… For those of you who give a rats butt… I present, the pickguard project. It took three hours… which included photo’s and set up. Enjoy…




Removed PG… Of course, in typical lazy fashion, I slipped it out from under the strings.

Grab yourself a good piece of wood or the likes… I use furniture grade maple ply, but anything good and clean, and not warped will work. Ok, now that you’ve grabbed your wood…
Trace your PG on it and drill two or three holes for some screws, or all if you like. It’s your funeral.
Viola! Here’s how it should look…Now cut that out using a jig saw or scroll saw, close to line, but leaving the line visible. Preferably get much closer than I did… Three Vodaks into this project already.

Here’s the router table that I use. It really sucks, but there’s not much mid grade router stuff out there… So… It’s either the Dora the Explorer model, or the $89,000 Bob Villa model… I use Crapsman. See that bit I have in there? It’s a flush bit. Set it so that the bearing rides along your PG.


Like so…

Now go around, trimming the wood while using your PG as a guide. And if you’re lucky and have not had too many Vodaks, it’ll look like this!
Pop off the old PG, put some duct tape loops or sticky back tape on your Jig (don’t use screws) and then stick your new guard blank on it, face up…

Now, PG face down, reverse the process and route the new material, using the jig as a guide… And hopefully, it looks like this.

Flip it over, and drill out the PG screw holes and control holes..
Smack on some insulating, self stick aluminum tape…

Trim and clean it… and BLAMMO!

I hate it… But no worries, because now, I can pop em out all day. I will poly urethane the jig several times, and order up whatever I want… In this case, I already have some mirror, like my blue LB, so I’ll probably make one of those tomorrow. Once you have the jig, it only takes 15 minutes to make new PG’s.

Here is another that I made for my LB100…

LB100 With Mirrored PG

Sorry that this is as in depth as I can get here… If you need more info. Contact me.

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