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Privacy Policy

The following is the official Privacy Policy of the Sarcastic Coffee and Technology Music and Movie Club, or sctmmc as it is commonly referred to.

The only information that we knowingly or intentionally collect about our users, it whatever the registration process requires during sign up. Although our “Terms and Conditions” require that users represent themselves accurately, we do not monitor accuracy. 

Unless prior consent is given, we do not intentionally share personal information, and that consent may have been given in writing, or verbally. However, we would share private information, as required by law, with any government agency, whom requested it, and could provide proof that it was statutorily mandated.

Google, WordPress, or any number of third party companies may collect personal information here, and if they do we are unaware of it. If you’re concerned about such things, then you should attempt to make yourself aware of how these companies collect data.

If you have concerns or questions about how we handle privacy, then you will promptly bring it to our attention. This page is made in an effort to protect users and maintain compliance with applicable laws. If you’re aware of any discrepancies or inaccuracies, then you will notify us immediately.

As noted in our “Terms and Conditions” Any and all use of this site, constitutes your knowledge of and consent to all of our policies.

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