The Lemon Thread, a Division of Gibson Sucks

Other than one or two of us ever liking Thunderbird basses... I've never heard any musician talk nice about Gibson. In fact, even my guitar player friends, whom are hard-core SG or Les Paul players, seem to hate Gibson. My experience with Gibson is as follows: My first "favorite bass" was the Gibson Explorer. I can remember the precise moment in time that my drummer and I discussed the matter. It was 1983, the year that I started playing the bass. It took another 25 years and as many basses before I could find and afford one, and unfortunately, I found their tone lackluster. However, I did find their build quality exceptional, so for about 4 years, I played Epiphone Thunderbirds and Explorers... Heck, at that time, I didn't really know good tone anyway. Then I remember the Thunderbird Pro came out, and I anxiously awaited it hitting the stores. When it did, it was a total let down. All of the sturdy features and attention to detail that I had come to know from Epiphone, were gone. And... Its "pro" electronics were noisy and STILL sounded about as flavorful as unscented quaker oats. So of course, I returned it, but not before first calling Gibson to find out what happened. THEY WERE COMPLETE DICKS!!!!!!!! So I asked around, "what's the deal with Gibson", and the response I got was "when your instruments are in the hands of the most famous musicians in the world, you don't have to give a shit about customers". That's exactly how they made me feel, so I instantly sold my four Epiphone Explorers and Thunderbirds, and I never looked back. As the years went by, I continued to hate Gibson. Along the way, I found some counterfeit Fender products, and I reported them to my beloved Fender, but they could've cared less, so I learned that they were no better... After all, leaving "known counterfeit" inferior products on the market, is the equivalent of speed-fucking your customers ass with dry dowel. Then, one of my favorite guitar manufactures of all time, was sued out of business by Gibson for copyright infringement, which while possibly an honorable act, seemed to be being selectively enforced. So... They sued all of the American Small businesses, but they left the Giants like ESP and Ibanez to continue stealing. Regardless of your take on it... Gibsons grounds were that they only wanted Gibson quality out there. Turn the clock to today; and as you all know, I've been wanting to build an Explorer/ Destroyer for several months. There are many out there from the 80's, but none of the sellers "accurately" describe the instrument, especially the neck and frets, and all of the pictures suck!!!! leading me to believe that they were largely owned by hair-metal fucktards, who abused them relentlessly... but of course, they ALL still (Goddamn FUCKING ALL) expect to get "vintage Gibson" prices for them. So, with NO (zero) new Explorers/ Detroyers available anywhere, the logical choice was to buy a new Epiphone Korina Explorer, and then re-route the body for a split coil, swap the bridge, paint it, and make a new PG. So, based on my past experience with Epiphone quality, I was 100% confident. I spent $550 and the bass came Thursday. What a complete pile of SHIT!!! Inside a sealed box from Epiphone (which boldly exclaimed their quality commitment to musicians): [attachment file="109936"] The strings were all tangled and undone, the fret board was chewed up, the bridge was on crooked/ skewed .125", causing the strings below the 12th fret to ride off the fret board. I laughed, because I guess that I expected as much. But... let's plug it in shal we? After all, my amplifiers are now considerably better than they were 12 years ago... So I warmed up the tubes, and yeah... nope... Gibsons still sound like unseasoned, farm grade, sod clippings. How the fuck can so many knobs, pups, and switches, not provide one single nice sound? Anyway, a quick call to American Musical (whom I now also have a problem with), and they offered to take $35 off. Lol... or lolololololololololo. Yes, I was going to chop it anyway, but this is a new bass, which Gibson presumed was going to some kid, as their 1st bass, after saving for 3 years to buy it... And Gibson had every intention of running across the room, at an Olympic pace, and cramming an ornamental corn right in that kids ass. Would they pull this with Tony Iommi, Slash, Angus, or Jimmy Page? If not, then yes, Gibson likes fucking little kids. A new bridge placement and setup from a qualified tech would cost over $150, so who is AMS kidding with $35? And what right does Gibson have to sue their competitors over quality concerns? Yes (I know)... it's their design, but if they won't make it to their own standards, then they shouldn't be allowed to make it either. Gibson is implying and advertising on the box and instrument, that they make quality instruments which are "QC'd", but that's a blatant lie. And... On a side note... AMS requested that I fill out a survey for their website, in order to receive a $100 credit. That credit is for $100 worth of magazines, which require a credit card to get, because they auto renew. And as for the AMS "interest free" payment plans... Well, they're charging you $15 to get a payment plan, so yeah, maybe it's interest free, but it's certainly not ass-fuck free!! [attachment file="109937"] [attachment file="109938"] [attachment file="109939"] [attachment file="109940"] [attachment file="109941"] [attachment file="109942"] [attachment file="109943"] [attachment file="109944"]    
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