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Not sure how the specs on the current bridge MFD single compare to the ones used in the early 80s, but I had one of the old JJ SB-2 basses and it was killer!

I can attest to this. I have two of the old gen 1 SB-2s and they sound sooooooooo gooood. They are my all time favorite passive basses. I took one to a gig last weekend (I don’t usually- normally I’d bring the El Toro or an old L2k, but the SB-2 was already in the case and I was being lazy). It sounded mighty fine. It’s got a throaty roar to it that I’ve never gotten from another passive bass, and it does a reasonable P imitation with the neck pickup on solo mode. Here’s a pic from the gig (sushi restaurant/biker bar- interesting crowd).


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