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bonin in the boneyard
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I want a dog I can take mountain biking.  So not too big and not too small.  Performance sized.

So the cat was kind of a surprise.  We’d been talking about getting a rescue from St. Thomas. They’ve been overrun with strays since the hurricane two summers ago.  It’s cheaper to adopt from there, and they get volunteers to bring them back on planes.  Plus, wifey and I got married on St. Thomas, so we liked that connection.

Anyway, last week wifey says they can get us a cat as early as Tuesday (yesterday) arriving on an evening flight.  But because of how shitty work is going lately I tell her no how no way.  She tells the shelter that we’re going to need another week or two.  She doesn’t send the forms or the money.

Yesterday lunch time, we got a call from “Gayle” that she’s getting on the plane now and will we be able to meet her at Logan Airport at 8pm.  I’m sorry, who?  What?  When?…

I guess the shelters are so desperate to move these cats that as soon as my wife expressed interest in one, they sent that cat up with the next volunteer coming to Boston.

About a half hour after the call with Gayle, the shelter called to ask for our forms and payment.  We’re awesome people, so we sent both right away with a little something extra for the good cause.

Tully fits right in, even with our other 13-yr old cat.  Ate right away, let us pet her and started purring, and kept me company in the home office half the day.  So pretty great score for us.  Here’s the welcome sign the kids made for her:


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