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Lately Ive been running the stereo outs of my 4003 into separate channels of my Focusrite for headphone practice and have found that active mixing each pickup separately is much more useful than passive blending of the pickups which is already built into the bass. The volumes have a useful range, a variety of tones can be had from blending them in slightly different amounts, and having each pickup buffered before blending makes the blended tone more clear than just running both pickups with the mono output. So based on this positive experimentation, I have been thinking about adding something like a Radial mix/blender to the board. This way I can have active pickup mixing functionality on the board as it has high impedance inputs, and I can route the pickups separately through dirt or comp if I wanted. Thoughts, comments, concerns?

Yes, sounds good to me.  I think it will give you the active mixing that you’re looking for.

The Bassbone OD is another choice, and is tailor made for your application, whether bi-amping your Ric or swapping with an upright:


But it’s spendier and might be redundant if you’re running preamp(s) before or after the Blender.  Just a thought.

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