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I’ve been happy with these but curious what you guys recommend.

Of the folders I have experience with, delica, paramilitary 2, or manix lightweight from Spyderco are all good to great. The delica is smallest and ideal for carrying all the time. Manix is a bit wide. Para is really nice but the corby bolt is a pain in the ass to adjust just right. They are all blocky handles.

Also depends on where you live and limits on blade length.

I would like to try a Benchmade Osborne but its far from a need.

You just nailed it. All my Spydercos are great. My eldest kid bought me a Benchmade Osborne 940-1 (the fancy one with the carbon fiber handle). He scrimped and saved and found a mint used one (he’s an awesome kid), and it’s the perfect every day knife. It was not a knife that appealed to me, visually, at first, but it is so perfect in the pocket and the best all around knife to use that I’ve ever owned. It weighs a little more than the air it displaces. Yet it’s strong like bull. It’s nice knowing I will never flip it because my son gave it to me, which means I feel perfectly fine using it for anything I need and not worrying about scratches, etc. This one has S90V which takes a crazy sharp edge and stays that way for a longass time. Plus, fancy blue back spacers.


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