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bonin in the boneyard
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New board!

The idea is to have (1) the tastiest clean channel I could create, switchable with (b) a fun channel with all my wacky pedals, with (iii) an integrated headphone amp with aux in.

To get really wacky, I wanted the amp on the board so I could use the same setup for headphone practice and loud practice.  I also wanted to get my drum machine pedal back on a board for groove practice.



Nerdy stuff: instrument signal goes through the tuner and into the noise gate input.  I use a Y-cable split the signal from the noise gate send; one output goes into the Arkham and the other to the Rodenberg.  The Rodenberg chain goes through dirt, other stuff, compressor, then into the A/B switch.  The Arkham output goes into the other end of the A/B switch.  The output of the A/B switch goes to the noise gate return.  The noise gate output goes to the PowerStage.

The drum machine goes into the PowerStage aux in, but I can hook my laptop up instead if I want.

There’s an empty patch up top where I will mount a small power strip (arriving today), since I need to send AC three different places.

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