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Gotta get another guitar amp built first, but hopefully the new tube bass amp will work well enough for a while, which I think it will given an appropriate guitar cab.

I’ve kinda missed out on the details about this project while I’ve been gone.

What are ya’ building Charlie?

I was gone for quite a while too. It’s currently a 4 X EL34 100 wattter, but it can run 6L6s too and is switchable to 60 watts. Front end is one 12SL7  (just like 6SL7 Ampeg B-15s  use, but cheap and easy to find as NOS) and two 12AU7s. Transformer phase splitter, so definitely not a big Fender, Marshall, or Ampeg vibe. For thisfirst build I used a Hiwatt DR103 output transformer clone, hence the EL34s. Preamp is my own well vetted own design, Frou-frou cosmetics, itis a stay at home build and need to match my natural finish DIY cabs. I had the power amp section up and running for a couple of months, pulled it all back apart last fall, and have been dragging my feet on finishing it up. Now that the weather is decent I’ve been detailing the woodwork and I just need to do a few preamp board tweaks, drill another dozen or so holes, and bolt it all together. Not sure which front panel I’ll start with, we’ll probably burn a few more eventually  anyhow.





I also have a set of parts for a Vox AC-30 ish build for guitar, switchable to 15 or 8 watts. Ultimately I’d probably want a 200 watter for bass and the 30/15 watter for guitar, I think. I have more of the 100 watt boards and could get to 200 watts a few different ways, but first things first.






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