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another one, not bad for a trib


Might be a little optimistic on the price but it looks like it’s in cherry condition.  Local for the Denver “horde” too.


It’s $20 more than a brand new bass with a warranty which makes sense if you absolutely had to have a white bass with a green guard. I’d rather have this one.–g-and-l-tribute-sb-2-electric-bass-black-frost

Yup.  Another seller taking advantage of the back order situation with a whole lot of new inventory for all of the manufacturers.

I much prefer the Black Frost finish myself but why oh why didn’t they use a maple neck on it?  I think the stark contrast between a black on black body with a maple neck with some vintage tint is classy as all hell.  That’s my Matt Freeman PBass before I installed the Babicz FCH Bridge.


Since it’s the same body and neck they use on a Kiloton why not offer it with either neck?  Same with a few other models.

This is another way I believe G&L is missing the boat that could increase sales for the Tribute models.  I know they’d like to move buyers over to US builds to get that option but that’s such 1960-70s thinking.  IMHO a prospect for a $600 Tribute is not gonna drop $1500 on the US version just to get a maple neck.

Instead he might look at a Fender Player Series PBass in black/maple, maybe spend a little more ($750) and slap a $10-$20 black pickguard on it to get what he wants and add a bridge pickup if absolutely needed.  Even with that he’d be well under $1K. So G&L loses a potential sale. They really should at a tone knob to the Tribute SB-2 as well.

I get the limited finish options but a neck they already make to the same specs for two other models?  Why not just offer a choice of Maple or Brazilian Cherry for all three models in either finish?  It’s the same neck they use on a JB-2 as well so Cort could build them in whatever combinations dealers want.

G&L doesn’t stock tons of Tributes anyway.  They get them out to dealers as fast as they arrive.

Surely one day my epitaph will read; "Don't mind him. He's just the bassist".

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