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I’ve been watching a few documentaries or videos on guitar again – I mentioned the Greg Koch one upthread, but I’ve also watched a few others:  Keith Urban, Social Distortion/Mike Ness, The Kentucky Headhunters…a remarkable consistency among the others is a Les Paul with P90’s.

Just thought that was interesting.

IMHO had Gibson ever asked Seth Lover to design a noiseless P90 rather than a humbucker the PAF may never have been born.  I’m a huge fan of P90s and Leo’s MFDs which seem to have some P90s DNA in them as well.

They can sing like a chorus of angels or growl like a demon hell hound.  They can sound jazzy, bluesy, get loud and nasty for rock, or dial back the volume and you could almost swear you’re playing an acoustic/electric.

All of my Epiphones have P90s and one of my Teles has a P90 in the neck.  In fact I just bought my one an only dual humbucker guitar about a month ago.  Finally found one I can live with so adding more variety as I age.


What did you get?

I’ve always liked the sound of P90s but the noise kinda sucks with high gain shredder rigs. Love me some Gibson ‘buckers though, especially in the neck position. I like the Fedner Thinline buckers a lot too, except they come in Fedners. As usual, vive la difference.


The one with humbuckers?  It’s a Michael Kelly Patriot.  They’ve been around since 2005 or so and I believe WMIC builds them.  They sold direct for years but got bought out by the same company that bought Sam Ash so now they’re an exclusive brand for them.  Got it from the same store in Florida I bought my M2000 from.  Good quality build, US made pickups.


Single coil/P90 noise isn’t much of an issue around here and I have an EHX Humdebugger for gigs if needed.  I could never find humbuckers I liked ’til these.  They’re pretty tame as far as output goes so most likely a bit underwound and actually quite transparent.  Both are wired for coil splitting so I often run the neck pickup single coil for riffing and solos and only engage both for heavier rhythm stuff with some dirt.

I’d probably enjoy the old Fender WRHB too but what they build today is not the same as the originals unless you order the CS versions with the CuNiFe magnets which run $400 a set.  Before I’d spend that much I’d be more tempted to buy one of Bill Lawrencs Twin Blade designs like the L90 or L500 and order the more transparent version with lower Henries.  There you’re talking about only $80-$85 each and I love his pickups.


Surely one day my epitaph will read; "Don't mind him. He's just the bassist".

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