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Still buy CDs though, cause I have an 2007 F-150, and I guess qualifies as old school and still has one!!

My man.

Wife, sister and sister-in-law went threesies on a Vizio 50″ smart TV for an early Mother’s day present.

Had to physically track one down, as most inventory systems suck, these days… do retailers pay a one time shot for the software, or is it a monthly cobbing to ensure you also receive the latest and greatest wormware to really slow it down?

Anyways… found one, and thought I was going to be lucky enough to just drop it off, and enjoy the rest of my day..


… nope.

Never once did I think it wouldn’t fit on the stand… Houston, we have a problem.  After rearranging the furniture, dusting, vacuuming, we swapped the smaller for a larger credenza.  Yeah, it fits!

Vizio must assume everyone has WiFi, cause that’s the first prompt after language and locale.

I asked MIL what’s your password.  I now wish she would have said, “Who knows?”, but she didn’t.

I spent the next half hour deciphering what her installer had setup for her password… lot’s of cursing, too.  It’s really the first time I’ve heard it that quiet in her house, with it occupied.

I looked at the LED indicators, and sure enough ‘WIFI’ wasn’t illuminated.  Network was broadcasting, which it will do anyways, but radio was disabled… why did I think she had any use for WiFi?  Why did the installer put a password in, without WiFi enabled?

After I crawled out of that hole, finally sourced her cable guide, and she’s now back to enjoying regular programming.

Note to self: Ask for 6 more hours in a day, from one in particular.


Endorsing scratchy pots, since 2019.

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