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That totally sucks. For you guys and the poor dog. I hope they take good care of her.

I don’t know how much I believe about the story of the injury, but everything they’ve told us since leads me to believe they are doing their best for her now. Communication has been good, and folks at three different organizations are working together to take care of the puppy (the agency, the shelter, and the vet).

So quick update: fractured tibia, but not so bad it needs surgery. She’s in a hard cast, hip to toe, for two weeks, after that a soft boot for two weeks.

Wifey and kids are going to visit her today and bring her some toys that the kids have slept with. Wifey will talk to the staff and see if it would be practical to bring her home in two weeks after the hard cast comes off, with the understanding that any vet bills after that are on us (the shelter is covering everything while the dog is still in their custody though a vet they have a partnership with).

Also, heat/hot water still out, but I found a guy to come look at it today. I took a 40-degree shower yesterday. I’d like to be macho and tell you how invigorating it was, but I don’t have that kind of bullshit in me this week. It was actually kinda painful, especially for the wedding tackle. Sorry, little buddies.


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