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Woa what is happening there? Trio per coil per pickup per string?

It’s a dual coil sidewinder with adustable pole pieces in between the two coils and then on both outsides. Like so:


Dude that’s sick! So is it like a Gibson vibe with the sidewinders? 11 pole pieces across is odd. 😆 Are they embedded in the shell with threads? That’s a crazy design.

Yep, the cast shell is threaded 33 times. The newer ones use blades instead:


World’s first neodymium pickups for guitar and bass

The vibe is pretty much completely the opposite of a Gibson Mudbucker, which is why I bought a pair. My Marco fretless has neo sidewinders as well, which are a bit more normal sounding and much less fussy than the Q-Tuners to set up.


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