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Speaking of toes…

A couple of years ago, we had a puppy that would sleep at night in a wire dog crate in our bedroom. One night around 4am, she woke me up with that sound dogs make right before they barf.  So, I jump out of bed, open the crate and pick her up, thinking that I could just get her to the shower to barf, cleanup would be so much easier.

Well, it’s dark and I didn’t see that the crate door was right where I was going, got the big toe on my left foot stuck in the door, which caused me to trip and fall, but because my foot was in the door, I spun around, went back over the corner of the bed and fell backwards (toe still in the crate door) and hit the back of my head on the corner of a drawer on our dresser that hadn’t been pushed all the way in. All whilst holding a 40-lb dog.

My wife wakes up to a huge bang and then a stream of expletives, turns on the light, only to see me gushing blood from my head and trying to wrestle my toe from the crate door. She is understandably freaking out about the blood coming from my head, and I was more concerned about my foot.  There was a tiny bit of skin torn on my toe, and she thought that’s what I was complaining about, so she slapped a couple of Princess bandaids on (joys of having girls) and told me to quit complaining about my toe.

Woke the kids up, had a nice little trip to the ER, ended up with 7 staples in my head and a broken toe. The toe was the most painful part of the whole thing.

And the dog never barfed.



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