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So far so good.
Monarch at 18Vs is meeting my expectations, MFDs are a great match to my ears. I really like turning the preamp down on the Buster and using the Monarch to drive those 6L6s.
Like a Orange/Mesa /MFD ménage a trios

The Bluebeard.  It sounds good but I’m not hearing the low end hype around it yet.  I most likely won’t until I play with a band.
The origins of this pedal is a little iffy for me.
I can’t tell if this is just a GGG clone made by someone, who at-least knew what they were doing, and trying to pass it off as a Sanford & Sonny or if it’s an OG.
In any case it sounds good and I’d probably only rate two muff pedals I’ve had ahead of it so far.


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