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‘Low Tire’ warning, back on again in the Civic… filled them back on July 24th, with the left front and right rear measuring the lowest…

… same, yesterday.

Original tires… they have a little over 50K on them, and the tread doesn’t look too bad, but I bet they’re reaching the end of their life span.

Taking it in for an oil change and possibly a rotation, depending on their evaluation of the tires.

I am obsessed with tires. Over the course of my life I can’t even tell you how many different tires I’ve tried of so many flavors- all season, summer performance, winter tires, ultra high performance tires, you name it. I think about, read about, and talk about tires too much. My GF can tell you without missing a beat that my car has Continental ContiExtremeContact DWS-06 235/40-18s on it.

You’re a tire guy? NOWAI! I’m looking for, apparently, a unicorn of a tire:

I don’t want a dedicated snow/winter tire, as I don’t want to deal with the hassle (and expense) of maintaining 2 sets of wheels and tires per year, but I want an all-season/all-weather that’s better than average on snow and slush. My current Firestone FR-710’s are good ’nuff in the summer, but they slide around a lot in the Michigan winters we’ve had. It’s totally predictable, yeah, but it’s a PITA to drive in traffic (especially with scads of Chads driving Subarus, Audis, and 4×4 pickups like bats outta hell).

Is it really that bad to drive snow tires in the summer? Or, as mentioned, can you recommend an all season/all weather that’s more geared toward winter/snow than it is for summer/warm?

What kind of car are you putting the tires on, and what kind of driver are you (just want to get from A to B, or enjoy spirited driving, or drive at the limits as often as humanly possible, etc.). The aforementioned Conti DWS-06 became my holy grail years ago. I’ve tried others, including Nokian WRGs which the internet says is the ultimate tire for snow while still maintaining high performance driving characteristics. WRONG. I hated those tires from the day I put them on, and kept thinking, eh, maybe they’ll wear in. They were okay in snow, terrifying in rain, and meh on dry roads. So my car has the Conti DWS06s on it. It’s a car that’s made to driven spiritedly, which I do, and yet these are excellent in snow compared to any other performance all-season I’ve ever tried, including some of the best from Michelin, such as Pilot Alpin Sports (MEH!).

I’ve also driven performance winter tires year round (Dunlop Wintersports, for example) with no ill effects. They will probably wear a little faster and may be a tiny bit louder, but that’s it.

Let me know the deets if you want and I can try and help you pick something good.

Ford Fusion 2.5l I4, front wheel drive. I drive like an old lady, but like to know that my car will be able to handle it if I need to punch it or perform some wild maneuvers. The kicker for me is that the OEM tires are wide and have a 17″ rim (225/50R17), which I’ve found to be pretty expensive from local retailers (though that’s changed since I last bought tires).

My wife’s is a Ford Focus, but hers only has 15″ rims. They’re a LOT easier to find, for a much fairer price…I think hers were $500 out the door last time (for some fancy Firestone Fuel Fighters), and mine were upwards of $750 (for some OEM-quality Firestone FR-710’s) with the friends-and-family discount; north of $800 without.


My vote is for the Vredesteins in the stock size.

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