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Since I never use the Series setting anyway I’d like to try that before I decide on having a K mod done.

Can’t help with a wiring diagram, but I can tell you that the single coil setting is great.

Bright and detailed, yet still full sounding.

Somewhere there is a post on it but I can’t recall whether it was on TB in the G&L Club or on the bassesbyleo site. IIRC all it takes is moving two wires to different lugs. I thought I’d saved the photo but where I can’t recall.

Next time you post in the G&L Club if you could ask about that and get someone to post back with that info I would be forever in your debt if I’m not already re: your advice on the vintage frets. I could use another wiring project about now.

There is this, which replaces the 2-way with a 3-way switch for outers.


Sitting here like uninvited company.

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