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So I’m feeling a little reflective today.

I’m still pondering Amy’s post and how lazy and self-righteous people have become. I’ve been guilty of this at times and try to keep it more incidental than intentional. Reading over some of the threads on TB, I’ve wondered if some players have become wasteful when it comes to all the gear opportunities that technology has afforded bass players.

There was a time when players had to be thankful, shut their god damn mouths, and simply use what tools were available to them. I’m not going to get into any specific examples but, for some of you players that were probably playing when I was in diapers (I’m pushing 40 by the way), simply made whatever was available work. Most of the stuff I read (on TB) is posts about people being too lazy to pick out an amp that weighs as much as dick dust. Players today have soo many options that the risk is all but eliminated. People have become entitled and don’t seek the challenge to grow and innovate. Hey, wasn’t technology supposed to help players get better?

Snipped for brevity. I’m one of those who was playing while you were in diapers and yep, a lot has changed since I was first out there. Much of it for the better; I was somewhat rudely reminded a couple of days ago that cheap instruments today are generally not slapped together haphazardly like they all once were when I was young, for example. And yes, it’s true that we went out with whatever we could afford, which typically wasn’t much, and we made it work. Nobody had a “backup bass” because we’d be lucky to own more than one instrument and we knew how to keep what we did have in working order.

These days I see a lot of people chasing tone, and I think all the outboard tone shaping is pretty important in certain genres of music, but I wonder if some people aren’t throwing good money after bad by relying too much on gear and too little on practice. This would be a very long post if I felt like writing more about this but I’m about to go to work, and my head is kind of foggy today. I’ll just say that, as someone who now has both expensive and inexpensive instruments to choose from, there are reasons I am almost always holding my more expensive bass. Part of that reason is that I “made do” for many years with something that was poorly made, and I appreciate the improvements from a player’s perspective; it’s not because I want to show off a nicer bass to the world. But the nicer instrument is a little more like a sports car in that it gives me more potential but I also have to know how to tame it. The cheaper ones give me less potential overall, but more consistency.

So, blah blah blah and all that, but I guess for me it still comes down to practice and getting better. I’m a worse player today than I was a year ago and the reason for that is that I now spend most of my practice time learning material that doesn’t challenge me, because that’s what the bands I’m in demand. So it’s time for me to get back to basics, which for me means learning challenging material, because that’s what I need to do to keep my chops up. To be a better player, there is no shortcut.

Sorry for the longer post. I know it’s frowned upon here but I felt blabby.

Great post and I completely agree.

that and I like nice stuff. It doesn’t translate to all aspects of life but my bass gear it sho do.

my Dingy’s are Phuccing Bugatti’s!!!

im not a race car driver but man I sure do like driving race cars. It just feels phuccing great and makes me happy.
that said they also inspire me. Music inspires me too but I like to play instruments that offer inspiration of their own.

funny thing is I’ve actually done some lower cost exploration lately and it’s been a lot of fun. I wish I could keep them all but every time I “Bass up” I get stressed about which one I should be playing and bass back down.

that said!!!!!


here is some recently acquired marvels!! Lol. I’m a fool…



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