Flooded Tomb, Austin Texas

Pictured l-r: Scott Brouillette, Rob Jenkins, Nathan Jones, and Chris Meyers.

Flooded Tomb is a Thrash/Black metal band from Austin, Texas. Founded in 2016 by guitarist/vocalist Nathan Jones, guitarist Chris Meyers, and drummer Scott Brouillette, the band worked as a 3-piece unit for the better part of a year. After writing a good portion of material, bassist Rob Jenkins was recruited in late 2017 to fill out the sound.

Since the full formation of of Flooded Tomb the band has been active in the Austin metal scene, playing clubs such as Beerland, The Lost Well, Hole in the Wall, and The Sahara Lounge.

In 2018 Flooded Tomb began work on their first EP, simply entitled Vol. 1, and it is available on their Bandcamp page here. The band has now begun writing material for another EP and LP with an anticipated release date for 2019.

Rob Jenkins: Bass

Chris Meyers: Lead Guitar

Scott Brouillette: Drums, Vocals

Nathan Jones: Guitar, Vocals