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SOLD! Custom Built USA G&L JB

G&L JB 2018

It is with a heavy heart that I list this bass for sale. This bass was built on April 26, 2018 (my birthday!). I am trying a new minimalist approach and narrowing down my collection. I really like this bass but suppose I don’t really need it.

This is a USA G&L with #8 jazz neck, ebony fret board, pearl inlay blocks, and binding. The neck also has vintage sized frets. It is a beautiful emerald blue metallic and the tort guard nicely compliments it! Everything functions as it should and the bass will come in the original hard case with all certificates etc.

One thing to note… the binding is a bit sloppy up near the head stock and at the bottom of the neck. It came this way from the factory. I typically use a fret wrap which covers it fine. This does not affect stability of the neck in any way. The bass has EB rounds on it but I can put the stock D’Addario XLs if you prefer.

$1350 shipped CONUS. Add $30 for west of the Mississippi … I accept PayPal, Venmo (preferred) or Cash App


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