I’ve loved the monster sound of Warwick’s double humbucker MEC pups since I first heard them about a year ago when I got to try one out. They are so aggressive and gritty on their own, you almost don’t need OD.  That may seem like hyberbole… but this thing really sounds that mean!

I saw this bass show up for trade and hoped that the owner would be interested in my old Fender stack. I sent him a PM and set up the meet… a painful 3 day wait due to my being on a business trip :sour:

But now, this blood red beauty is in her new home and for the first time playing, I had to settle for the PF20T/ 115HE at low volume and still the sound was apocalyptic drool

The next morning she got to rage through the full SVT stack :bassist: and it was a thing of terror and beauty to behold!