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SCTMMC Coffee No. 1, the Low-End-Blend


Brought to you by the SCTMMC. A meeting place for brilliant minds, soldiers, explorers, and creators… Nothing alike but acting as one. United by the belief that fact and opinion are not the same, determined at all costs to not tip-toe through the tulips.

The only thing worse than taking things too seriously, is not having good friends, food, and music… but the day always starts with a killer cup of coffee! And in the age where everyone is a self-proclaimed expert, where better to find a renegade, than on our own battlefield?

This exceptional blend of Brazillian and Mexican beans is for revolutionaries and survival freaks. Conceived in a junkyard oil pan, then refined to please the discriminating taster, this coffee is a kiss on the lips and a kick to the balls. It makes one claim alone, and that’s that it’s the best coffee you ever tasted. It’s not going to bolster your teenage-social-media persona… But if you have to get the herd across the plains by nightfall, then this is the coffee for you.

So fire up the grinder and prepare to sniff Heaven. We don’t make Kcups, but if you’re a high-school cheerleader, then we can sure ship it to you in one.

A mere whiff of these beans will instantly remind you that it’s time to enjoy life. Do unto others… and then run like Hell.

A note from the Roaster:

My love affair with coffee began at a young age. I can remember grandma making it for me when I was just five years old. It was more cream and sugar than coffee, but it made an indelible impression in my young mind.

Fast forward a few years and I discovered the original “specialty coffee” brand; Starbucks. Even though I wasn’t a fan of the burned flavor a new impression was formed in my mind. There was something more than grocery store coffee out there. I must investigate!

I began frequenting local coffee shops and learned more about coffee origins and different brewing methods, and I was well on my way to becoming a true coffee snob! It got to the point where I was spending so much money on coffee beans that I had to find a way to mitigate the cost.

I learned that it wasn’t difficult to roast coffee using an everyday popcorn popper, so I went to the local department store and picked one up. I found a coffee shop near me that sold green coffee beans and off I went. Shortly afterward, I bought another machine, which I was able to modify into a more controllable, high-capacity roaster.

Once I got a good feel for roasting with the new rig, I started sharing the results with family and friends. Nothing brings folks together like a nice cup ‘o Joe! Soon, I had folks asking for more and my little home-made roaster couldn’t keep up. Once again, it was time for an upgrade. This time, with a more professional unit and a much bigger learning curve. Many beans were sacrificed to the Charbucks Gods.

Now I use a high-capacity, pro unit, and it allows me to make more coffee, in the background, while still tending to life.

Being a fan of single origin coffee I never really did any blending, but when the SCTMMC wanted a signature coffee, I began thinking. It’s a natural Brazilian bean, roasted to a slightly dark level and a natural Mexican bean roasted medium. The resulting blend has a bold flavor and a winey body without the burned taste. The Mexican bean provides some sweetness in the cup to balance the dark chocolate from the Brazilian.

Made for a bunch of coffee-snob musicians, this is the Low End Blend.

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