Another case of SPIDER EGGS in the Bananas! The dangers of Bullshit.

Today started out as a tough day… A long night, then I awaken to downpours that don’t show any signs of slowing. Not the best setup for the long work day ahead, but time to soldier on like we always do.

However bad as the hum-drum may be, nothing takes me from “Hero to Zero” faster than bullshit, which I’m now forced to believe because it’s popular opinion.

When I was a kid, it was spider eggs in bubble gum, spider eggs in a cactus, a ghost that appeared looking for its arm whenever a car went off the road…

Those “Old Wives Tales” from my youth, somehow managed to make their way around the globe by simply being told in a movie, and then being repeated at adolescent parties. It was an antiquated system by todays standards, but it worked like a charm.

I don’t ever recall those old wives tales disrupting my life, but that’s no longer the case.

High powered computers and software are now the norm, and they’ve both made it into the hands of bored kids and shitheads all over the globe. Now, instead of having to wait until the next house party to tell your scary ghost tale, you can simply photoshop a pic of Princess Diana hovering over a poparazzi-car-wreck, throw it on youtube at 12pm, and it’ll make the 6 o’clock news.

This is what we all have to deal with every time we try to simply check our email or the weather.

CLICK-BAIT! The Taboo, never discussed, well guarded secret of the internet.

It’s funny that mainstream media has the balls to cry “fake news” on everyone except themselves, and yet whenever you go to any accredited, mainstream-media website, you’re instantaneously barraged with banners…

“The IRS doesn’t want you to know about THIS secret”, “This wardrobe malfunction nearly shut down the Teen Choice Awards”, “Armed and dangerous Kidnapper is on the loose in this US neighborhood, click here to find out where it is”.

Is this not fake news?

To a person with a brain, this is an obvious ploy to attract attention and erroneously inflate traffic statistics… But who among us is falling for this stuff? Someone must be, in fact, the majority must be, because the world is spending billions of time and money to create it… And no amount of education seems able to dispel it.

Today I read on FB (from a reliable source) that “China didn’t steal our jobs, corporate America gave them away”. That is a blatant lie.

The reality is “We” gave them away. We demanded cheap products, and we refused to pay for quality goods and services, so manufacturers were forced to send production overseas. And… because we’re “lying” about the reality of the situation, the cycle will continue.

But at what cost?

The American economy and our system of ideals and beliefs is the cost.

This is no victimless crime. Parents are pulling their kids out of school, walking away from their family homes, and committing suicide over the “hype and ruin” that mainstream media and the government have created.

This is a problem that we have the solution for, but we’re not executing the plan, because we’re still pretending that “someone else is to blame”.

Here’s an example: You need a landscaper, you’re too cheap to hire one, so you hire “some guy” to do it instead. Bam… You just cost someone a job and you hurt the economy.

Of course, the opposite of that is, you need a landscaper, you hire one, his business prospers, he hires more workers, buys more equipment, the equipment dealers hire more workers, the workers all get paid and go shopping, so the stores do more business…

That’s economics… But for some reason, even though it could save America, it’s wildly less popular than Paris Hiltons crotch as she’s exiting a limo.

If we all have to be stuck in this situation, then so be it. But if we’re here simply because we’re idiot’s, too lazy and consumed by pop culture to even bother trying to make a difference, then everyone needs to shut up about all of the “proud American crap”.

There is no pride in bastardizing the world that our grandfathers died to build. Talk is cheap. Waiving the flag at the soccer field, is not a substitution for “United we Stand”.

As the saying goes… If you’re not part of the solution, then you’re part of the problem.

If you have reproduced or you plan on reproducing, please teach your kids about economics… And the dangers of believing bullshit.