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The Stanhope House, Stanhope New Jersey

I arrived at the venue several hours before the doors opened for the show, and I was greeted by Jesse, the manager at the Stanhope House.

He was super cool and very accommodating… Especially considering that at this point, I was nothing more than a fan whom wandered into the show 3 hours too early.

The Stanhope House

The Stanhope House itself was awesome.

  • Good parking
  • Great beer selection
  • A terrific menu with delicious food served right on the premises
  • Plenty of shopping and attractions close by
  • Unusually courteous and helpful staff
The Stanhope House
The Stanhope House

The place itself was a cross between a road house and a Ripleys Believe it or Not… In other words… PERFECT! Lot’s of cool stuff to look at inside… Very nostalgic and authentic as well. Even a few families with kids were in there eating and having fun.

This venue is about 2.5 hours from home for me, and based on the quality of service and entertainment that I received, I’d have no trouble making the trip regularly.

If you have other dining requirements, or if you arrive early like me, there are plenty of other food joints close by. I had a nice big steak in town while I waited for the venue to open… and there’s a White Castle too.

So… hat’s off to Jesse for taking good care of my friends and I, and to Jen for being a great bartender. Keep the beer and soap dispenser stocked, and we’ll be back often my friends.

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