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Gobsmacked, by Reuben’s Brews, Seattle, WA.

Style? Triple IPA

Appearance? Nice, medium depth gold.

Smell? A bouquet of sweet, citrus, and mild pine. There’s also a sort of “prickly fruit” character as well.

Body? Medium bodied. Creamy mouth feel.

Taste? For me, it’s not as promising as the nose. It has an almost “stereotypical” DIPA profile. The hop and malt balance is there, but the higher abv makes its presence known. I’ve had other beers with an equal, or higher abv that were better integrated into the profile. Because of this, I’m left a little flat on the Gobsmacked.

Overall? The “prickly fruit” character on the nose comes through in the finish, but I wish there was more going on in the middle of this brew. This is the third beer I’ve sampled from this brewery, and so far, none have wowed me. I’m not sure how far they’re distributed, but should you come across any of they’re brews, I’d suggest you try them.

Because one man’s “meh”, is another man’s “amazing!”

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