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Dogfish Head “The Perfect Disguise”

Style? Double IPA

ABV? 8%

Smell? A combination of hoppy citrus with a soft, sweet candied character. Quite inviting.

Body? Smooth and creamy. Very drinkable.

Taste? An approachable hop profile that’s not too citrusy. A bit bitter, but not overly so. It leads into a pretty dry finish, reminiscent of a lager. At 8%, it most certainly doesn’t drink like it. The higher abv is well hidden.

Overall? A tasty brew. It’s not the most complex, but what it has is done well. Well worth trying if you’re a fan of IPA’s. Even if you’re not, it’s done in a manner that makes the style very approachable.

In closing,
As taste is subjective, I say try what you want, and drink what you like.

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