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Minor Setback

Long long ago in a galaxy very far away from here 4 friends decided lets make some music in Cow Town New Jersey

Their names were:

ODM(one drunk motherfucker/old Dan McDonald) – Lead vox

Pistol Pete (Pete Schaller) – Drums

Randy Dammit (Randall Diedrichson) – guitar vox

Jorge “Whore Hey” (George Mottola) – bass

Together known as “The Y.i. Ought Ta’s”

After a lineup change due to previous commitment bassist Jorge was replaced by Mongo (Robert Richardson), a 19 year old punk out of the suburbs of south jersey. Skeptical at first due to his young age, in the end Randy Dammit, Pistol Pete, and ODM decided to have Mongo come out to audition. After having an instant chemistry with the band Mongo was quickly asked to join “The Y.i. Ought Ta’s however none of the members saw another lineup change coming like the next and last one otherwise known as “The End of the “Y.i. Ought Ta’s” and the Beginning of “Minor Setback”. After all the years of hard work put in by the band and himself included original member ODM decided to walk away. This is how “Minor Setback” got their name Randy Dammit told Pistol Pete and Mongo “not to worry. Its just a minor setback. Things will get better”

Pete decided to play guitar and sing for Minor Setback so the new band brought in Canadian Native Jake Green aka “Jake 40 oz.” on the drums. Moving from Canada to South Philadelphia PA. Jake 40 oz was always surrounded by the punk scene and you can tell. With his “IDGAF” attitude, impeccable timing, and abundance of stamina. It was clear to see why he was the perfect fit for Minor Setback. 

About a year or so later. The band broke up due to Pistol Petes Inability to tour or gig regularly he decided it was time to become a family guy, a regular Peter Griffin if you will say. 

After about a year and a half in hiatus and bands that didnt work out and dealing with musicians with no drive … Randy Dammit called Mongo while he was in Japan and the conversation went as followed

“Hey man… I been thinking do you want to get Minor Setback back together?”

With no hesitation the response from Mongo was a simple “Yes” 

Mongo came back from overseas in November of 2018 and met up with Randy at his house in Bridgeton New Jersey about a week into being home. 

After multiple tryouts that never worked out on drums and lead guitar, the band finally found their diamond in the rough. Out of Glassboro New Jersey, Drummer Ryan Keen aka Sajou Ho. 

Ryans dynamic drumming style and ability to learn quickly introduced a new idea to the band. Go on as a 3 piece. 

Today, Minor Setback is a three piece skate punk/punk rock band based out of Bridgeton New Jersey with the members being

Randy Dammit (Randall Diedrichson) – Guitar and Vocals

Mongo (Robert Richardson) – Bass and Vocals

Sajou Ho (Ryan Keen) – Drums

The band still throws around the idea of having another guitarist but have all agreed with Mongo’s statement being 

“Yea i will totally have another guitarist in the band. It would be amazing as far as filling out sound goes. But it would have to be someone committed that we are all comfortable with as a band”

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