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Social Media… Trivial Deception, or the End of Days?

During a conversation with my old pal Spiderman the other day, he said to me, “I’m flattered that you’re wearing my underpants”. However, that’s not what intrigued me.

It was his statement:

I’m still a firm believer in, if you don’t like what you’re currently watching, change the channel…

Certainly we here know that, but have any of you ever tried to figure out what makes us different?

On the surface, I’d say that we were all willing to give up quantity for quality. Of course, we didn’t really give up anything. We merely stopped buying into the perception of value where there was none.

I was watching South Park this morn, and the episode about facebook was on. It’s amazing how those guys nail reality… And crude as it may be, reality it truly is. Hat’s off to them for calling the world out on its short comings.

Facebook is massive, but it’s filled with people who could care less about whether you live or die.

When I read the Talkbass thread that was linked to here, I realized that it was exactly the same there as it is on facebook… I don’t know why I never saw it so boldly before, but TB truly is as I mentioned in the Sad things that do Good story; Generic advice at best.

Other than one or two of us who went in there for comedic value, it was blatantly obvious that everyone posting in the TB thread had absofuckinglutely nothing else to do… The subject matter was 1st day material, which is typically sung to you while you’re learning to tie your shoe laces.

No offender walked away enlightened by the advice, no victim felt soothed by it… It accomplished nothing more than garnering fleeting attention and accolades for the OP, who’s now feverishly trying to top his moment in the spotlight.

And… All so that he can spend 24 more hours on a pedestal in a sea of shit, and all because he favors a sea of shit over a pond of beauty.

People love their own kids, cats, and dogs… Not other peoples. The random “look at what my kid did”, and the comments and likes that follow are meaningless preoccupation, which is evident in their actions… They don’t actually care in real life.

I then read another touching Fb post… a mothers “share” of a heartfelt statement to her daughter. I emphasize share, because it wasn’t even the mothers own words, it was someone else’s creation.

The statement informed the daughter that she should know, no matter what, wherever she was, that the mother always loved her more than anything.

It had several hundred comments, likes, and shares… And it was truly beautiful.

It was also complete bullshit, and thanks to social media, it’s politically incorrect for me to call it out.

The reality of that post is; it was created as a tracking cookie. Someone is getting paid, based on how many times that it’s liked and shared. It tells them how many friends that you have, who they are, where they shop, where they bank, what kind of car they drive, and what kind of porno that they watch.

For the record; If you truly love your kid, they already know it… and if they have to read about it on facebook, then you should be cancelling your internet service immediately.

No topic is off limits to a schmuck… Which is pretty much how you become one. I’ve seen fake posts about cancer, autism, racism, and even the holocaust. Things that society has perceived to to be socially off limits, are prime game for phishing trackers, because who’d expect a tracking cookie to be disguised as a story about breast cancer?

Many of you may recall my Philadelphia excursion at 3am, when I stumbled upon a group of kids staging and filming a car jacking. People are being duped into believing that is going on in their community, when all it is are a bunch of kids trying to get paid by Google.

But if the only time that you actually get involved with your community is when you’re on facebook… Then Ye shall reap… And duped you are.

Thanks to the Kardashians and Miley Cyrus, we’ve groomed the youth of the world to prize “views and likes” above all else.

14 year olds aren’t dreaming about what they want to be when they grow up. They’re financing $1000 iphones so that they can film a staged “puppy theft”.

Then, there’s the poor guy who had his guitar stolen…

His friends and followers will become obsessed with circulating and telling the story. Of course they will, because it’s drama and it’s front page news, and they’ll want to know every detail.

But how many of them will actually try to find the guitar?

Whereas… If that happened here, every one of us would join to resolve the matter by nightfall.

All I ever wanted to do, is exactly what everyone else on social media wanted to do; Be loved, respected, cared for, and treated with decency. The only difference is, I was willing to leave 6,000 people who were pretending to care about me, in order to live out my days with the 100 who actually do.

Life is about sacrifices. The sacrifices that it took to make the Sarcastic, Coffee, Technology, Music, and Movie Club, pale in comparison to the dividends that it pays.

Everyone reading this possesses the finest qualities that humanity has to offer. The SCTMMC was created to ensure at all costs, that good people like you would be united with the people who you deserved to be with.

The people who look forward to you. The people who notice when you’re missing. The people who might not give a rats ass about your kid or your cat, but who rejoice in how important those things are to you.

Always look behind the curtain. Spread the truth to all who will listen. And above all else, run like Hell from those who won’t.

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