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Samuel Smith’s Taddy Porter

Bottle/can? Bottle, 550ml

Serving temp? Around 50°f

Appearance? Dark, like your typical porter/stout.

Aroma? Combo of roasted malts, similar to Guinness, but not as “sharp”. There is some dark fruit and red wine notes coming through.

Mouth feel/body? Smooth, somewhat thin. Very light carbonation. Almost feels like a beer served on nitro, after it’s “settled”.

Taste? Surprisingly light. Doesn’t quite hold up as well it does from memory. There is some roasted malt flavor coming through, and lingers in the finish.

Overall? It was nice to revisit this beer, but likely won’t buy again. While I already feel Guinness Draught is a pretty light dark beer, this is in line with that, but without a distinctive character like the Guinness.

I would not dissuade anyone from trying this beer, as is said with tone and taste, it’s completely subjective.

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