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Campbell’s Chunky Soup

Beer-N-Cheese w/ Beef & Bacon

Please excuse the dark pictures because I was hiding from my boss in the porta-potty

If you’re like me, then you eat food, and if so, then you’re always looking for something quick and easy, and hopefully not at the YMCA.

It’s pretty hard to find soup that’s any good for you, but I subscribe to the belief that everything is bad for you now, and so on that note, this soup isn’t as bad as a lot of other crap.

I recently went to the store and bought a bunch of these soups, because I drive a tractor around marijuana fields all day, and these cans stand up well to being cooked on the exhaust manifold of a John Deer.

Just be sure to poke a hole in the can if you use my method, or else the can could explode and cause an embarrassing conversation with HR. Anywho…

While perusing the vareyeatie of flavors, I spotted this gem, and of course, since driving a tractor around pretty much goes hand and hand with beer, it seemed like a good choice.

The can lists one serving as 200 calories, but unless you’re a gerbil, you’ll be going for the whole can and that will earn you 420 calories.

Yes it has salt… OMG if one more nut sack complains about salt in soup…

Anyway… it has 75% of your daily sodium intake, so you may cancel your trip to the local salt lick after you’ve eaten this.

  • 14g of Protein.
  • No Trans fat.
  • Actually tastes like beer.
  • Low cholesterol, sugar, and sat fat.

I also dumped in a bunch of hot chili powder and I loved it. I definitely plan on having a lot more of this soup and I hope that Campbells keeps making it. If you do cook it on your exhaust like I do, I cannot stress enough that hole thing I told you about earlier.

Umm Umm good.


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