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GASOLINE – The Hot Commodity!

Chapter Two  – The 2nd part in our Consumer Awareness Series

When the big gas crunch hit, fuel in this area went up to almost $5 a gallon. As a result, I was frequently asked; “where can I buy the cheapest gas?”. My response was always the same…

Why would you want cheap gas?

I understand wanting a bargain, but at what point does bargain hunting become counter effective? At this point.

Thanks to the craft brew movement, it costs $6 for a beer, which no one complains about, but charge $4 to get to work, and we’re ready to start burning crosses on the lawn.

30 years ago: College was optional, jobs were everywhere, and yet no one had money to drink.

Today: College is mandatory, there are no jobs, and yet the bars are filled with kids drinking $6 beer from a tap.

So what data can we collect from this? Well to start off, what consumers say and what they do, are two different things, and if you think that your empty threats are causing the merchants to shake in their boots, then think again.

We live in a statistic age… You think it’s a Godsend, but it’s the Devil in disguise.

Thanks to Twitter, Snap Chat, Google, and Facebook… (You know, the billion-dollar companies that no one finds suspicious are free) merchants know exactly what you’re up to… and they know it better than you do. I guarantee it.

So stand on your soap box and slam your fist to palm as you rage against the machine! $5 a gallon and you wont pay it! Just remember, thanks to “free apps”, I know that you’re full of crap… and more importantly, so does the government, and so do the manufacturers.

It doesn’t take a genius to see that when fuel was more expensive than it had ever been in history, the number one selling vehicles in America, were giant, gas-guzzling SUV’s.

This sent everyone on a frantic search for discount fuel… and as I mentioned in Chapter One of this series, the industry responded accordingly.

You want cheap fuel, you got it!

So now, rather than continuing to patronize your neighbors Hess Station (as you had been for the last decade, and as your parents did before you), all of the sudden it makes sense to drive 15 miles away, to start buying fuel from guy that looks like he’s probably got dynamite taped to his underwear.

Good plan!

Let’s recap:

  • Thanks to “bend-over” economics, a family car costs $35k.
  • You’re fueling said family car from a questionable source.
  • You drive an extra 15 miles to save 75 cents.
  • The staunchest advocates for this madness are your wife and daughter, both of whom have no problem paying $6 for a double shot, caramel swirl latte, with almond milk, and then peeing it out 30 minutes later.

And the whole country runs with the ball… WTF indeed.

Now, here’s the truth.

  • Octane… The most misunderstood label on any product. Simply put, high octane is good. If a car gets 14 miles to the gallon, requires one annual tune-up, and has a motor life of 190K miles, you can expect it to get two more miles to the gallon, need no annual tune-up, and have a motor life of 240k miles if you run high octane fuel.
  • Most cars have a 12-gallon gas tank, so if cheap gas is $1.75 and good gas is $2.00, then you’re paying an extra $3 a week to protect the thing that’s getting you to work and paying your mortgage… Or in layman’s terms, 10% of what the average 15-year-old girl spends at Starbucks every week.
  • Cars are all computerized now. The computer constantly monitors your car, and it automatically adjusts for performance, economy, and health, as needed. When a fault is detected, the computer waits for the same condition to occur several more cycles, before it compensates for it. So if you switch fuel indiscriminately, your computer will never fine tune your car.
  • Cars are easily capable of getting well more than 50 MPG. Ask any mechanic, and they’ll verify that statement. So why don’t they? Well, because “fear” drives the market place. Talk of war and shortages make consumers quickly disregard sensible buying. But the number one reason that cars get poor mileage is…. We’re stupid enough to allow it.
  • Perhaps most importantly… all failures give notice. If your car holds five quarts of oil, and six have leaked onto the driveway, what should you expect? So If you feel like a dirty whore as you’re sneaking into the unscrupulous part of town to save $3 on gas, then don’t be shocked when the wheels fall off your car.

Find gas that you like, from a station that you like, and go there every time, regardless of what fuel costs.

They’ll have business, so they’ll stay in business. Your computer will automatically adjust for it in order to maximize performance, and best of all, if you ever have an issue, you’ll know where the fuel came from. Plus… since you’ll be a familiar face to the station, they’ll likely help you resolve it.

This wraps up awareness in the series. Stay tuned for deception!


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