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Victory Brewing Co. – Sour Monkey

Style? Sour Tripel
ABV? 9.5%
Serving temp? Average fridge temp

About 1 inch of white head. Nice, golden colour.

An initial smell of a lemon/lime soda like 7-up followed by the typical tart smell of a Brett brewed beer.

Mouth feel?
Nothing too out of place here. Smells like a typical, medium bodied ale to me.

A characteristic, sharpness, typical of a sour, followed by a certain “fizzy” quality of a sparkling wine. The 9.5%abv is well hodden. There was a somewhat “apple” like flavor and finish when cold, but seems to disappear when warmed. When warmed, it’s mostly tart, fizzy and boozy.

A decent introduction to the sour-beer catagory with enough character to let you know what a sour’s all about.

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