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Alex and Howard are both idiots, just different flavours.

Alex lives entirely in the "now," and approaches life face-first at full speed. That's why he has one remaining tooth, and a plate in his leg. I joked that he'd never make it through another airport X-ray scan, until we actually flew with these two, and getting approval from the inspection turned out to be the easy part. The hard part was getting the customs team to stop clucking and cooing over them, and let us take the fluffy little morons to the gate.
He's named after A.A. Milne. Sentimental little sod, when he's not screaming about dinner or failing to beat up his brother.

Howard (Philip Lovecraft) is a big baby, disturbingly curious about how the world works, and regularly falls off his own cat-post, when he's not half-assing a jump onto the bed or a chair. We had qualms about naming him after such a notorious asshat, but he's a tabby seal-point - we named the black one after the racist git, so we figure it's an upraised middle finger of sorts. He lives up to his namesake, though: a total mummy's boy, who's terrified of everything.


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